Marine Jared Vejrostek 'watches' outside Imagine Charter School in Firestone

FIRESTONE, Colo. - An honorably discharged Marine spent Thursday outside a charter school in Firestone.

Jared Vejrostek has two daughters at Imagine Charter School.

"He didn't know how to help after everything that has happened, so he decided to spend today watching over the school," explained Trisha Otey, the school's administrative assistant.

Thursday was the last day of classes before the school's holiday break and there were a lot of parents and visitors at the school.

Vejrostek said the news reports of other Marines doing this around the country motivated him to do the same.

"It just got to the point where it was bothering me. I needed to stand up and let the world know we're here," Vejrostek said.

He said the reaction from parents on Thursday was positive. He's determined to keep children out of harms way and says he's looking to get other veterans involved.

Imagine Charter School has students from preschool to 8th grade.

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