Pot money laundering suspects David Furtado and Luis Uribe scheduled to appear in federal court

DENVER - Two of the men accused of laundering money from Colombia to buy a marijuana grow house in Denver are returning to court asking to be released on bond.

Denver lawyer and dispensary owner David Furtado appeared in federal court Thursday morning and is free on a $75,000 surety bond. Another dispensary owner, Luis Uribe, is set to appear in the afternoon.

Both were arrested last week and charged with money laundering along with Hector Diaz, a Colombian man arrested after November's marijuana raids. Diaz appeared in court Wednesday morning for a new arraignment and remains free on bond.

Uribe's brother, Gerardo, was arrested Wednesday morning. He appeared in court a few hours later wearing a dark suit along with waist and ankle shackles. A judge ordered Uribe held in jail until a Monday morning detention hearing, where the defendant will learn if he'll be granted release on bond.

Prosecutors allege that Furtado and Diaz set up a company called Colorado West Metals. Together, the group allegedly worked to transfer money from a Colombian bank to an account for the metal company, eventually using the money to buy a building to grow and distribute marijuana.

Federal agents and firefighters also raided four business locations related to the case Wednesday. In at least one of the raids, they cut open safes and removed documents from inside.

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