Nation's first pot tourism company to begin Denver marijuana tours on 4/20

DENVER - Denver's first pot tourism company is due to begin offering its services on April 20.

My 420 Tour is the nation's first pot tourism company begun by two entrepreneurs with ties to the medical marijuana industry, according to the Denver Post. The company is poised to be among the first to take advantage of Amendment 64, which legalized recreational use of marijuana to people over the age of 21 in Colorado.

The first package the company will provide is focused on what is known as World Cannabis Week, or the week surrounding 4/20, according to the newspaper. April 20 is the day on which pot enthusiasts celebrate marijuana culture and recreational use.

The company promises to pick up visitors from the airport and arrange their stay around hotels that allow marijuana and pot-themed events, the newspaper reports.

Tour packages available on the World Cannabis Tour website range from $499 for a three-day trip, to $849 for a VIP five-day tip.

The company's own website appears to be just a placeholder as of Sunday morning.

James Walker and Matt Brown, who own the company, tell the newspaper they are not able to give tourists marijuana until recreational use of the drug is legal in Colorado in a few more months, the newspaper reports.

The company can help tourists gain access to pot-related events, however.

Marijuana regulations recommended by Gov. John Hickenlooper’s marijuana task force and deliberated by a joint committee for approval determined that out-of-state tourists may also purchase and use marijuana as long as they do not take it out of the state.

According to the newspaper, the Colorado Tourism Office will not provide tourism assistance to the tourism company.

"There's way too much to see and do in Colorado to use marijuana tourism as a platform for marketing our state," Colorado tourism director Al White told the newspaper.

Still, the pot tourism company has not been deterred, the newspaper reports.

"So far, we haven't heard any feedback from someone saying, 'No, no, we don't want you to do this,' " Brown told the newspaper.

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