Marijuana recommendations from Amendment 64 Task Force will be released Wednesday

DENVER - The task force assigned by the governor to make recommendations for the regulation of recreational marijuana in Colorado is due to release its final report Wednesday.

Members of the Amendment 64 Implementation Task Force will hold a press conference at 10 a.m. and the full report will be posted online afterward, said spokesman Ro Silva.

Many of the Task Force's ideas were previewed in handouts from their various meetings. They agreed, for example, that marijuana should be taxed more than cigarettes but less than alcohol.

The task force also agreed there should be no ban of sales to out-of-state residents, but suggested limiting how much non-residents could buy at any one time. This opens the door to so-called pot-tourism.

Other recommendations are likely to include:

-New training for law enforcement to detect impaired drivers

-Revising the Colorado Clean Air Act to include the impact of marijuana smoke

-Restricting underage access

The recommendations from the task force are intended to inform the efforts of state representatives and senators in the process of drafting new laws.

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