Marijuana and skiing bus tour draws criticism, concern

Company offers 'all you can smoke marijuana' ride

DENVER - A Colorado company is offering to pick up pot tourists at DIA, take them to the slopes and provide "all you can smoke marijuana" for the ride.

Colorado High Life is one of several companies promoting pot-related bus tours online. Their services include a marijuana and skiing bus for up to 30 people.

"Come out and enjoy our newfound freedom," the YouTube video for the company proclaims.

Pictures show people smoking in one of the company's buses.

Critics call the idea half-baked.

"Dismay and concern about safety on our roads and on the slopes," said Rachel O'Bryan, a volunteer with Smart Colorado, a non profit devoted to restricting marijuana. "So we're now talking one bus, 30 riders or occupants, two hours? Constant marijuana consumption in that environment could absolutely put a bus driver at risk."

Meanwhile, Colorado's multi-billion dollar ski industry wants tourists to know that it is illegal to ski while high.

"We would hate for people to come up here to come to Colorado and have false expectations about what they're allowed to do on the slopes," said Jennifer Rudolph, with Colorado Ski Country USA. "There's so many things to do here, but smoking pot at one of our ski resorts is not one of them."

The company did not respond to our request for comment today, however, on its website it tells customers, "Smoke Responsibly, Ski Responsibly."