House moves forward with marijuana regulation bill

DENVER - After approving two amendments, and nixing several others, the Colorado House gave preliminary approval to a recreational marijuana regulation bill in a voice vote on Friday night.

One more vote remains before the regulation plan is sent to the Senate for debate and approval.

One of the amendments approved Friday protects retailers from penalties if they unknowingly sell marijuana to a person under the age of 21, who fooled them with a fake ID; a similar protection exists for liquor stores.

The other approved amendment adds to House Bill 13-1317 a ban on all "mass market" advertising for marijuana that could reach children.

One of the failed amendments proposing that marijuana magazines be treated like pornographic magazines in stores created some of the most comedic debate.

"This isn't throwing out the baby with the bathwater. This is throwing out the baby with the bong water," Rep. Frank McNulty said in opposition to the amendment.

Other failed amendments included proposals preventing felons from having recreational marijuana, removing purchasing limits for nonresidents and limiting the size or number of marijuana operations.

Immediately after the voice vote moved this bill forward, the House laid over a bill that establishes taxation on marijuana.

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