Denver pot bakery sees business quadruple and predicts more growth next year

Recreational pot sales become legal on Jan. 1

DENVER - A Denver bakery specializing in marijuana-infused products reports their business had quadrupled in the last six months and predicts orders will continue to grow when recreational marijuana sales become legal on Jan. 1.

Love's Oven looks like most bakery kitchens cooking up rush orders for the holidays. The difference is the not-so-secret ingredient their classically-trained pastry chef adds.

"We take the marijuana plant, and we infuse it with regular butter," said Chef Hope. "Tastes like homemade, like you'd want to eat at Grandma's -- but not quite grandma's cookies."

Chef Hope, who did not want to use her last name, has been perfecting marijuana infused recipes for months, selling products to 50 dispensaries across the state.

She said the bakery is much like places she has worked in the past, "except our butter is ten times more expensive."

And the security system probably is, too. There are cameras watching everything inside and outside.

The bakery currently only takes medical marijuana orders, but starting Jan. 1, their goodies can be sold for recreational purposes.

Hope says she started off working only 10-15 hours per week but has recently been working 40 hours or more.

"We are expecting an influx of orders by January 1," said Hope.

In preparation, Love's Oven is hiring two more employees and changing their packaging to make it opaque and childproof. The kitchen also has to have separate areas for medical ingredients and recreational ingredients.

Recreational products can only have 100 milligrams of THC, while medicinal products have no limitations.

Hope said she is like any other pastry chef, except that state regulations ban her from sampling her own cooking in the kitchen at Love's Oven.

"It's kind of tough," she said with a smile. "I just want to make sure everything's good before I send it out."

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