CDOT issues pot smoking warning for 4/20 weekend

DENVER - The Colorado Department of Transportation is warning residents and tourists about the rules for smoking marijuana and driving.

"April 20 is the unofficial holiday of marijuana enthusiasts," CDOT officials wrote in a news released. "If Coloradans and tourists choose to attend any of the events throughout the state, patrons are strongly encouraged to be informed about the laws and partake responsibly."

While marijuana consumption is legal in Colorado, CDOT said marijuana consumption is not allowed in public or in your vehicle.

"There is an open container law for marijuana. It must be sealed and not in the passenger area of a vehicle," CDOT said. "Like alcohol, there is an established impairment level in Colorado of five nanograms of active tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—the psychoactive component of marijuana—per milliliter of whole blood."

CDOT also said you must be age 21 or older to buy, possess or use retail marijuana.

"Similar to other major events, law enforcement will be out in large numbers ensuring that the public is complying with our new laws," said Col. Scott Hernandez, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol.

“For 4/20, we’ll be stationed outside the Cannabis Cup sharing information on marijuana impaired driving and alternate modes of transportation," said Amy Ford, CDOT Communications Director.

The Cannibis Cup is being held Saturday and Sunday at the Denver Mart. The website for the event says patrons will be allowed to smoke in certain area.

There will also be a 4/20 rally at Denver's Civic Center Park on Saturday and Sunday.

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