Marijuana on the move from Colorado; official says Centennial State now pot source much like Mexico

DENVER - From edibles, to buds, to hash oil, marijuana from Colorado is on the move.

"It's absolutely getting worse," said Tom Gorman, head of the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area -- the agency that helps to halt drug transactions.

Drug officers believe they are only seizing about 10 percent of the pot, being pushed across state lines.

"We've become a source state much like Mexico used to be to us, for the rest of the country. Particularly the Midwest," said Gorman.

Just this week, an upscale home and a gated community near Oklahoma City were singled out as possible storage sites for pot brought in from Colorado.

Indictments in Oklahoma reveal a plot to bring in up to 50 pounds of Colorado pot every month.

"We are seeing and intercepting more shipments that are coming in from Colorado. And we're not talking about small ounces or a couple of grams in the pocket of a driver," said Oklahoma Board of Narcotics spokesman Marc Woodward in an interview with KFOR-TV.

In some places, the price of the pot is double of what it is sold for in Colorado.

"We have a legal supply here and we have very high-quality, very desirable marijuana," said Gorman.

Gorman says the pot isn’t just being driven across state lines, FedEx, UPS and the postal service are becoming popular ways to transport the drug.

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