Marijuana not banned at Colorado Springs airport, according to Assistant Aviation Director

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - While marijuana possession is banned at Denver International Airport, it may be allowed at the Colorado Springs Airport.

"We talked to TSA about that issue," John McGinley, assistant aviation director at Colorado Springs Airport, told KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs. "If they find it in someone's possession, they refer it to our law enforcement. If our law enforcement says it's within the legal limit, they're going to take no action. In that case, TSA is not, on their own, going to require you to throw the marijuana in the trash."

In a statement sent to KRDO, TSA wrote, "TSA's screening procedures are focused on security," and, "if an officer discovers an item that may violate the law, TSA refers the matter to law enforcement," adding that, "there has been no change to this policy or how it is implemented in the field."

At DIA, airport officials said marijuana is banned.

"While Amendment 64 decriminalized pot use in Colorado, the law clearly states that any "entity who occupies, owns or controls a property" can prohibit  "the possession, consumption, use, display, transfer, distribution, sale, transportation, or growing of marijuana on or in that property."

"Marijuana in all forms is prohibited from this airport, including edibles," said airport spokeswoman Stacey Stegman. "Even today, you cannot fly with edibles or any form of marijuana."

Warning signs were installed at DIA entrances last weekend.

Residents from nearly all 49 states and several countries have flocked to Colorado the past few days to buy marijuana legally, but state officials warn that it is still illegal to transport pot across the state border. 

Colorado's new legalized marijuana law is being followed closely across the country and around the world. Within one hour after the law went into effect, more than 200 people from 35 states -- and Japan and Australia -- had patronized LoDo Wellness.

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