Marijuana grower says the same burglary crew has hit 8 Denver pot-grow operations in past six weeks

DENVER - Three Denver marijuana-growing businesses tell 7NEWS their operations have been hit recently by a rash of burglaries.

A Denver Police Department report shows the suspects got away with fourteen plants during one burglary at 2:30 a.m. Friday. An officer found the room containing the business' security equipment was intentionally damaged.

"This had obviously been done in an attempt to disable the recording equipment," the officer wrote in a report. "The location of this room was in a dark, remote location of the warehouse and led me to believe the suspect/s had intimate knowledge of the layout and operations of the dispensary."

One pot grower says his operation is one of two he knows of that were burglarized within the last 48 hours. He says a detective told him there have been at least eight burglaries of grow operations in the past six weeks.

All of the cases involved a two-tone Ford Bronco, the grower said he had been told. A surveillance camera at one of the grower's operations showed the Bronco driving outside the facility early Friday morning. Surveillance cameras also captured two hooded burglars roaming through the grow operation.

Though less specific, a police report does mention a blue Ford Bronco and says,  "This vehicle matches the description of vehicle [sic] from other dispensary burglaries."

None of the targeted marijuana growers want their grow locations identified for obvious security reasons.

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