Marijuana business auction: 3 stores, 3 grow operations seized from VIP Cannabis for back taxes

DENVER - Three retail marijuana stores and three growing operations in Denver are now up for auction.

The Drug Enforcement Agency seized the six facilities owned by VIP Cannabis to pay for back taxes.

The assets to be sold include safes, grow lamps and ballasts, hydroponics equipment and supplies, and retail store fixtures, according to Schur Success Auction & Appraisal.

There is no cannabis being sold, organizers stated..

"We anticipate a lot of activity on this auction," said auctioneer Rich Schur.  "The grow operations and stores used lots of equipment."

The internet auction will continue over the next few weeks.

All locations will be offered "in bulk" first, meaning there will be one single bid accepted for all of the assets at each location. Once the bulk bid closes, then the individual lots will be offered. Whichever method brings the highest return will be declared the winner. The top bulk bid will be placed on hold until the end of the individual item auction, or until the individual auction exceeds the bulk bid.

The public can learn more about the auctions and terms by going to

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