Marcus Covington gets 172 days in jail for allegedly groping a pregnant woman on a JetBlue flight

DENVER - A man accused of groping a pregnant woman on a plane, forcing the flight to be diverted to Denver, has been sentenced to time served.

According to the Denver Post, that's 172 days.

Marcus Covington pleaded guilty to interference with a flight attendant. He was arrested last August after the Los Angeles-bound flight from New York made an emergency landing in Denver.

Prosecutors said Covington was intoxicated and making some of his fellow passengers nervous because he was walking up to their seats and saying things to them that did not make sense.

At one point, passengers seated next to Covington asked to be reseated.

When Covington was waiting to use a lavatory, he groped a 27-year-old pregnant women, United States Attorney John Walsh said. The woman pushed him away, then stood behind a flight attendant.

The flight attendant asked Covington to stay seated because he was making other passengers uncomfortable, Walsh said. Covington allegedly told the flight attendant to get away from him, prosecutors said.

"As a result of his assaultive and intimidating behavior, an FBI special agent, who was traveling on the flight as a passenger, was asked by flight crew to assist in dealing with Covington," Walsh said.

The captain decided to divert the flight to Denver International Airport. The FBI agent and another passenger sat next to Covington to keep him under control while the plane made the unscheduled landing.

Upon the aircraft’s arrival at the gate, Covington was escorted off the plane in handcuffs. While Denver Police Department officers were attempting to get Covington to sit in a chair, he kicked at, and spit on them while threatening to kill them, according to prosecutors.

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