Man jailed for giving away ex-girlfriend's dog

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A man who went to jail for giving away his ex-girlfriend's dog says he has no regrets.

Noah Seaborn served three days in an El Paso County jail because of his decision to get rid of a dog named Nevaeh, according to KRDO-TV.

"That's what I believed I had to do, so that's what I did," Seaborn told the TV station.

Seaborn's ex-girlfriend, Melissa Shive, said she filed charges of domestic violence-related theft against Seaborn because he sold her dog without her permission.

Seaborn claims the dog was his. However, KRDO said Shive's name was the only one on the adoption papers.

"I just felt that if something happened to the dog, it should be my decision," Seaborn said.

Seaborn told KRDO-TV he gave the dog away to a family in Breckenridge.

Seaborn said he has adopted a new puppy.

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