Man in Summit County gets 10-year sentence for hitting wife in head with hatchet during argument

Michael Newcomb also struck wife with doorstop

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. - Prosecutors in Breckenridge said a man who pled guilty to hitting his wife in the head with a hatchet was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The Summit County Sheriff's Office said 43-year-old Michael Newcomb and his wife were arguing on Jan. 31, 2013 when they became engaged in a physical altercation and the victim was struck.

She suffered a small fracture to her skull from the hatchet. She was also struck with a metal doorstop in the forehead, which required stitches, according to reports.

At the hearing, Deputy District Attorney Mark Franklin recommended a 12-year sentence for Newcomb on the charge of second-degree assault causing injury with a deadly weapon. Judge Romeo, bearing this in mind as well as an emotional statement from the victim, decided on a 10 year sentence.

Romeo stated, "I can judge for my own sake what occurred here … I do not believe you were in a blackout situation. You were in a drunken rage, and you punched her in the face … you buried a hatchet in her head. This court is not going to tolerate domestic violence."

District Attorney Bruce Brown, commenting on the sentence stated, "The court balanced the appropriate legal factors and made a very difficult decision. It's always a terrible tragedy when alcohol, violence and families coalesce. We hope people in the community who are struggling with any of those dangerous issues reach out for help before someone ends up behind bars." 

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