Man found guilty of murder 20 years after wife's mysterious disappearance

Kimmy Greene-Medina was buried alive

CENTENNIAL, Colorado - An Arapahoe County man has been found guilty Friday of first-degree murder, in the death of his wife in 1996, after he confessed to burying her alive. 

The death of Kimmy Greene-Medina was considered a cold case, until her former husband, Michael Medina, made a confession in 2005.

Greene-Medina went missing in Aurora, Colo. on Oct. 29, 1996.  Despite an exhaustive search, her body has never been found.

"Nobody should have to go through this.  No other family should," said her father John Greene.

Greene and others suspected Medina was responsible, but neither police nor prosecutors could find physical evidence to charge or arrest him.

Nine years later, Medina confessed to the crime to his then girlfriend.  He told her he beat Kimmy with a bat, pulled her into a hole he had dug in a field in Elbert County and dropped shovelfuls of dirt on her while she was still alive, according to an Alamosa County Sheriff’s Office report filed in 2005.

In 2005, Michael Medina killed the  16-month-old son he and his girlfriend had, after accusing the girlfriend of having an affair.  Medina was convicted of that murder and his been in prison ever since.

But Kimmy's father is tormented by his daughter's murder -- she was beaten and buried alive, according to Michael Medina's confession.

"I can only imagine what Kimmie went through," said Greene. "I can't imagine my daughter, walked into a field, somebody pretending to love her, put a hood on her head and pulled a bat out and beat her."

Arapahoe County Prosecutors Jason Siers, John Kellner and Cara Morlan didn't have the usual physical evidence, including Kimmie's body to pursue a murder conviction.   Even so, a jury found Medina guilty Friday afternoon. He will spend the rest of his life in prison.

"The confession was a big piece, no way around that," said Siers. "There was the history of domestic violence, there was all the efforts the family made to find her."

"When the guilty verdict came up, it was just an amazing feeling," said Greene.  "This is proof, you can't give up."

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