Man crashes a stolen Subaru, uses a Colorado Springs fire station as an escape route from police

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs police have arrested a man who tried to escape through a fire station following a car accident on Thursday.

Officers caught up with the suspect and arrested him. He is identified as John Krulik, 27, and he is facing charges of motor vehicle theft and criminal trespass.

Authorities say an officer was trying to stop a speeding Subaru on Thursday when the driver tried to turn in front of a tractor trailer and collided with it.

Police say the man was armed with a knife when he ran from the scene of his car accident to the nearby fire station, where he ran through the door, down a hallway and out the rear door of the building while he was being pursued. Krulik then allegedly tried breaking into a home before he was arrested.

The Subaru was stolen from Denver and Colorado Springs Police say that Mr. Krulik had outstanding misdemeanor city warrants for his arrest. He was charged with motor vehicle theft, criminal trespassing and several traffic related offenses.

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