Man arrested in Denver admits he is Kefelegn Alemu Worku, man wanted on torture charges

DENVER - An Ethiopian immigrant known as John Doe admits in a letter to a federal judge that he is Kefelegn Alemu Worku, a man who prosecutors think tortured and killed dozens of political prisoners in his home country in the 1970s.

Worku is scheduled to be tried in U.S. District Court in Denver on Aug. 12. Instead of going to trial, he wants to plead guilty at a hearing scheduled for Thursday.

Worku was living in the Denver area under the name Habteab Berhe Temanu and has been behind bars for almost 11 months on charges that he lied on immigration documents.

The Denver Post reported Thursday that Worku sent a letter to U.S. District Judge John Kane saying he lied to U.S. government officials and knows it was wrong.

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