Lyons residents allowed to return

Many Lyons residents were allowed to return to their homes Saturday, six weeks weeks after devastating flooding hit the town.

Beginning Saturday, residents in certain neighborhoods were allowed to return home for good as all utilities were restored.  Utility crews will be in the area to help turn on gas appliances.  Other residents will be allowed to go home later, after their utilities have been restored.

The elementary and middle/senior high schools were not damaged in the floods but have no utilities. If repair crews remain on schedule, the schools will reopen on the Monday after Thanksgiving break: Dec 2.

The Lyons waste water treatment plant is back open and running.  The plant uses "good bacteria" to eat waste to operate the plant.  For the first week, residents will not be allowed to dump chemicals, soap, grease or excess water into drains or the sewer to keep the bacteria happy.  They are only allowed to flush fecal waste down drains.  Residents were reminded not to overwhelm the sewage system and remember the adage "If it's yellow, let it mellow.  If it's brown, flush it down" for one week, beginning Saturday.

It could be up to 30 days before the Lyons post office is back in operation.

U.S. Highway 36 between Lyons and Estes Park will reopen sooner than anticipated.   The road will reopen in early to mid-November.

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