Lost dog that wandered onto Denver light rail train is reunited with owners

DENVER - A dog that wandered onto a light rail train in Denver on Monday morning was reunited with his owners Monday afternoon.

The black dog rode the train from Perry Street to Union Station, according to Megan Stribling.

"The doors opened at Perry and this pup just walked straight on, like he had done it before," Stribling told 7NEWS.

"No tags but sweet," Stribling tweeted to 7NEWS.

Stribling's co-worker, Bryce Carter, took the pup to their office in downtown Denver, because they have a dog-friendly office building.

Stribling and Carter called animal control and were told it would be a couple hours until the dog could be picked up. However, when animal control arrived, the rescuers decided to keep the dog at their office in hopes of finding its owner.

A number of people contacted them but a couple showed up to look at it and "it was clearly their dog," Carter told 7NEWS.  

He said the owners live off of Perry Street, close to the light rail location.  The dog's name is "Shaq" and he was glad to see his owners.  They did not want to be identified because they are embarrassed about losing their dog..

They said they opened their gate to take him for a walk and he bolted as they turned around to grab his leash.

Carter said the owners found out about where Shaq was from a 7NEWS engineer who is related to them and from social media where #lightrailpup was a trending hashtag on Twitter in Denver today.

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