Longmont toddler tests positive for THC; Mother says girl ate a pot cookie she found

LONGMONT, Colo. - A Longmont toddler tested positive for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, after her mother said the girl ate a pot cookie she found in the yard outside their apartment complex.

"The mom says she doesn't use marijuana, and we searched her house and didn't find any," said Cmdr. Jeff Satur, with the Longmont Police Department.

Police said the mother noticed the girl was acting lethargic at the grocery store about a half-hour after she ate the cookie and she took her to Longmont United Hospital.

When doctors ran tests, they found the 33-month-old had THC in her system.

The little girl had to spend the night at the hospital, but is back at home now, Satur said.

Her mother has agreed to be tested and to allow her 8-month-old child to be tested for THC as well.

Dr. George Wang, a pediatric ER physician at Children's Hospital, has studied the rate of children being hospitalized after ingesting marijuana in Colorado, and says that in recent years, there has been a dramatic surge.

"They become sleepy, unbalanced, some even have trouble breathing when they come in," said Wang. "A child is not going to know the difference between an edible product without marijuana and an edible product with marijuana." 

Even with requirements for child-resistant packaging, doctors and police are concerned this is just the beginning of a dangerous trend.

"I think we're going to see an increase in this and it highlights the hazards of having marijuana out and accessible to children," said Satur.
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