Longmont police searching for man who dragged woman into cemetery, then sexually assaulted her

Victim taking evening stroll when she was attacked

LONGMONT, Colo. - Longmont police are asking for help finding a man who they say attacked a woman on her evening walk, dragged her into a cemetery and sexually assaulted her.

Police Cmdr. Jeff Satur told 7NEWS that the 40-year old woman went for a walk Tuesday night to get some exercise.

“She was walking southbound along Main Street when she was approached by an individual she had seen smoking,” Satur said. “He struck up a conversation, asked her for directions and walked with her as she was walking along.”

Satur said that as the woman approached 11th Avenue, she turned west and began walking on the south side of Mountain View Cemetery.

“He grabbed her, pulled her into the cemetery and sexually assaulted her,” Satur said.

After the attacker left, the woman called her husband, who picked her up and they drove to the police department to report the attack, Satur said.

When asked how the victim is doing, Satur replied, “As well as can be expected. These are terribly traumatic events for victims of sexual assault.”

Police say the alleged attacker was a thin Hispanic male, about 5-foot-11, with long black hair and was last seen wearing a blue hat, (not baseball cap) blue windbreaker, blue jeans and tennis shoes.

They say he speaks English with a Spanish accent.

When asked if they believe the attacker lives in Longmont, Satur replied, “We don’t know. When he first approached the victim, he asked for directions to a location that is fairly common in our city, so he would have been able to find it.”  

He said investigators don’t know if the woman was a specific or random target, and adds that Longmont is a safe community to live in.

“We don’t usually have these types of cases,” Satur told 7NEWS. “Our last stranger attack happened in February 2012.”

Satur said investigators checked with area businesses to see if they had security cameras that may have captured an image of the man walking in the area.

“There are cameras in the area,” he said, “but they were not helpful.”

When asked if the victim got a good look at her attacker and might be able to help police with a sketch, Satur replied, “At this point, it’s been difficult. There are reasons for that that we can’t talk about at this point. But she is helping as much as she can.”

Satur said police hope someone will see the story and say, “I dropped that guy off,” or “I saw that guy standing at the corner.”

He said investigators were able to collect some evidence that they hope will help them “identify a suspect.”

Anyone with information about the man or the assault is asked to call the Longmont Police Department at 303-651-8501 or Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Tips may also be left online at nococrimestoppers.com.

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