Longmont police arrest 20-year-old man for shooting his grandmother, great aunt with Taser

LONGMONT, Colo. - Longmont police arrest a 20-year-old man for shooting his grandmother and great aunt with a stun gun Saturday night.

Alec Eric Arapahoe was reportedly drunk when he went to a relative's house just before midnight, according to police records.

One of the women confronted Arapahoe about being intoxicated, and "demanded he turn over his Taser device," the arrest report stated. 

She told police that's when Arapahoe got angry, and physically blocked the women from leaving.  She also said

Arapahoe grabbed the phone when she tried to call police.

When one of the women tried to run from the apartment, Arapahoe shot her in the back with the Taser.  She told police she felt the pain, and felt her back muscles tighten up, but was able to get out and call police.

Officers found Arapahoe nearby and arrested him. 

Arapahoe was transported to the Boulder County Jail.  He is now facing nine charges, including Third Degree Assault on an At-Risk Adult, Use of Stun Guns, False Imprisonment, and Obstruction of a Telephone.

Read the arrest report.

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