Longmont police again raid notorious 'meth' house, rescuing 7-month-old baby; arresting 8 adults

Police find pipe, white powder by baby's toy

LONGMONT, Colo. - Longmont police say they have again raided a notorious "flop house for meth users," this time arresting eight adults and rescuing a 7-month-old baby who was in a room near a pipe and a baggy of white powder.

SWAT officers turned the baby over to child protective services and arrested his parents -- 38-year-old Jason Gonzalez and 27-year-old Stacia Kendrick -- on suspicion of child abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia.

"The child's not supposed to be here," Longmont Police Cmdr. Jeff Satur told 7NEWS. "We've previously removed this child from the same house and today, based on the conditions of the home, no formula in the house, we took possession of the child for its safety."

Officers also arrested eight adults found in the house, police said.

This is the fourth time in recent years police have searched the home at 330 Collyer St.

Now, they're hoping to have a judge declare the house a nuisance, so authorities can seize it.

"It's a problem in this neighborhood. It's a flop house for meth users," Satur said.

Police executed the latest search warrant for the home at 9:46 a.m. Thursday when SWAT officers knocked repeatedly on the front door.

Police said someone peeked out the window, but ignored police commands and no one came to the door.

SWAT officers forced open the door and announced their presence but, still, no one came out.

After learning a baby could be in the house, officers set off a flash-bang grenade in the back yard to safely get the occupants' attention, according to a police report.

Finally, several people came out, including the parents and their baby son, police said. Officers found two men "hiding under numerous items" by the basement furnace, the report said.

Police said they found the house filled with debris and "narcotics related items," including several empty baggies that appeared to have trace amounts of methamphetamine.

The room where the parents and the infant were staying was in "total disarray" and contained dishes with days-old food and several soiled diapers on the floor and furniture, the report said.

Police found an unknown white powder on several pieces of wooden furniture and baby clothes were lying in the powder, the report said.

A detective found a "pot pipe and a baggy with an unknown powder lying next to a baby toy on the dresser," the report said.

The parents told police they were out of baby formula and they wanted a baby bottle containing 1 ounce of milk and 2 ounces of warm water that was on a TV in the living room, police said. An officer searching a refrigerator in the family's room only found a one-quarter full gallon bottle of "foul" smelling soured milk. The kitchen refrigerator had three expired cartons of milk, the report said.

The baby was taken to Longmont United Hospital where medical staff found he had bed bug bites on his head and a rash on his face that appeared to be caused by chemical exposure, the report said.

The baby’s father, Jason Gonzalez, has an eight-page criminal history report in Colorado, including arrests for possession of dangerous drugs, assault, domestic violence, kidnapping, false imprisonment, theft and violating a protection order.

Gonzalez, who is known by the street name "J-Dogg," was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of dangerous drug possession in Northglenn, according to his Colorado Bureau of Investigation arrest report.

The baby’s mother, Stacia Kendrick, has prior arrests for possession of dangerous drugs and probation violation, according to her CBI report.

Neighbors hope this raid will shut down the house for good.

"After the last SWAT raid at the home, the residents started back up the same day, didn't stop at all," said neighbor Sean Milano.

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