Longmont neighbors work on cleaning out flooded homes

LONGMONT, Colo. - It was the block party nobody wanted to attend. 

Thursday, residents of one Longmont neighborhood were still scraping the remnants of their basements out onto lawns and sidewalks.

In Steve and Carole Freeman's house, the first floor is pristine and clean, but just steps down the basement stairs mud completely has filled the room.  The ceiling was left pristine white, the mud stopped just two inches from the ceiling in a straight line. 

Friends from church have helped the Freemans scrape mud, carpet and valued items from the basement.  Each item weighs much more than it should, dripping with thick, wet mud. 

Photo albums will never be replaced, while cans of soda are rinsed clean with a hose.  A collection of 20  to 25 handmade dolls Carole collected from doll shows have been given an unceremonious bath on the front lawn.  She had hoped to give them to her grand-daughter, now she is sending them to an antique restoration specialist with hopes some of them can be saved.  She does not believe she will ever collect dolls again. 

"You collect these things and it's things that you like so you sort of cherish them but this makes you realize that if you have to you just let it go," Carole said.

Across the street, a neighbor has a giant pile of mud-caked carpet, mixed with an antique Singer sewing machine, a file cabinet and a framed cross-stitch that reads, "Home Sweet Home."

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