Local meat company hit by government shutdown

DENVER - Continental Sausage in Denver is one of the businesses feeling the effects of the government shutdown.

The company has an on-site office for USDA inspectors, who inspect the facility twice a day, but USDA inspection labels are made in Washington, D.C. and that office is closed.

"We cannot produce legally until we get label approval," said John Roelke, the company's Vice-President of Sales.

He said specialty orders could be in trouble.

"It's put our labeling process on indefinite hold," he said.

Roelke worries about what will happen if the government shutdown continues.

"If it keeps continuing, who knows what the repercussions could be," he said.

Continental Sausage is sold by Marczyk Fine Foods, among other outlets.

Assistant Meat & Seafood Manager Jeff Prah said the government shutdown has affects other suppliers like a chicken processor in the region.

"That's 60 people at a chicken plant that are told, 'Hey, you get to go home today,'" Prah told 7NEWS.

The shutdown is also affecting the commodity market, according to Roelke.  He says hog prices are not being updated regularly.  The problem is interruptions in reporting key agricultural pricing information from the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service.

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