Platte Canyon Little League president arrested, accused of gambling with league money

PARK COUNTY, Colo. - A little league president is charged with stealing money from the league for gambling at Black Hawk casinos.

Gregory Rumbaugh, 40, turned himself in to the Park County Sheriff's Office on Nov. 3, said Undersheriff Monte Gore. The Platte Canyon Little League board president was wanted on the charge of felony theft.

Rumbaugh was released two days later on $1,000 bond.

According to an affidavit first obtained by The Flume newspaper, Rumbaugh is alleged to have embezzled $4,002.35 from the Little League and used the money to gamble. The document said he admitted the money was used in casinos in Blackhawk when questioned by a sheriff's detective.

The affidavit also said Rumbaugh told the detective he believed "being abused as a child was fueling this addiction."

The detective concluded in the affidavit that Rumbaugh was the only one who knew the pin number to make cash withdrawals. Those withdrawals totaled $4,609.30, but $606.95 was deposited into another league account, the affidavit said.

The document said Rumbaugh had a net loss at Ameristar Casino of $1,054.

Dave Penney, the administrator for the Little League district that includes the Platte Canyon Little League, said a board member first noticed suspicious withdrawals from ATM machines in August, dating back to March.

"What we know for sure is what we lost is a little over $4,000," said Penney. "But  I do anticipate that number to climb."

Penney said there are a significant number of purchases made with the debit card that are unaccounted for, but that at first Rumbaugh had an explanation.

"He told me that he was making secure investments for Platte Canyon Little League, which would make a positive return and grow the money and finances of the League," said Penney. "I asked him on three separate occasions in emails for him to produce those records. He said he had them and he would offer them to me, but to this day I have not received any such records."

Penney said the PCLL does have insurance and is working with its insurance company to recover some of the money.

"I'm appalled. It is a significant loss," said Penney.  "But not something Platte Canyon can’t recover from. It’s not bad enough to cause the league to go under or not operate as normal in 2013."

He said he is working with the league's board of directors to establish controls to prevent something like this from happening again.

Penney said Rumbaugh violated the community's trust.

"You make an assumption that the people you are working with are honest and that they have the same goal and the same purpose of mind," said Penney. "We acted very quickly to put controls on the league. We changed the locks. We changed bank accounts. We immediately cut off all Little League access to Mr. Rumbaugh."



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