Lionel and Arran's blindingly 'lucky' Broncos jackets dazzle Super Bowl Media Day

NEWARK, N.J. - 7SPORTS Anchors Lionel Bienvenu and Arran Andersen stunned the sports world by breaking out their blindingly "lucky" orange-and-blue Broncos sports jackets at Super Bowl Media Day.

Bienvenu said there was only one reason they wore the fashion-free clash of stripes and plaid.

"Look, we did it to keep the good luck and the winning tradition going, OK?" Bienvenu insisted during the duo's Tuesday night App-Cast (you can watch the video reaction above). "We weren't trying to get attention at Media Day today, right?"

"We've all seen the media goofballs dressed up, trying to call attention to themselves. But that was not our intent at all," he said.

"No, no," Arran stressed, "this was simply for the good of the Broncos. Keep in mind, they haven't lost since we busted these things out on United in Orange Friday."

"And, quite honestly," Arran added, "I would have been disappointed in you [Lionel], I know you would have been disappointed in me, if we didn't put these on. We have to finish strong."

"We hit the floor at the Prudential Center, that's in Newark. And it set off a firestorm of attention," Arran said.

As thousands of journalists, football players and celebrities can attest, Lionel and Arran's lucky jackets are simply too dazzling to behold.

They were interviewed  by ABC, Canadian TV, Norwegian TV, the New York Times, Sports Illustrated and Howard Stern.

NBS Sports tweeted, "Favorites for most-colorful media members."

"That was putting it mildly," Lionel dead-panned.

TV host Regis Philbin asked Lionel the tough question: "Do you think this is a circus?!?" Bienvenu offered to let him borrow the jacket.

Broncos' linebacker Wesley Woodyard didn't blink when Lionel rolled up with a microphone and his electrifying jacket.

"I see you man, looking spiffy. Where'd you get that at?" he asked.

"I got it back in Denver on Orange Friday. What do you think?" Lionel asked.

"Showing that Denver Bronco love, I love it," Woodyard said, breaking into a big grin.

Another Broncos linebacker, Danny Trevathan, told Arran with a straight face, "That suit is fantastic, my brother. I like that."

"My key here is I don't want to stand out on Media Day, I just to be part of the crowd," Arran maintained.

"I feel you. You're not going to stand out with that," Trevathan assured him.

Broncos receiver, Eric Decker, wearing his own cool black leather jacket, with his number "87" on, also asked Lionel where he got his kaleidoscope orange-blue sports coat.

"Dude, you want to trade jackets?" Lionel earnestly offered. "I'll take the '87,' you take this."

Decker made a move to shed his jacket, but -- like all good receivers -- his hands hung tight to his own coat.

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