Lightning hits Aurora home, destroying woman's living room

Neighbors reported a flash then loud noise

AURORA, Colo. - Lightning struck the roof of an Aurora home overnight, blowing a huge hole in the ceiling of a family's living room. It happened in the 5000 block of Biloxi Way in southeast Aurora just before 1 a.m. Wednesday.

Homeowner Maryann Touitoo told 7NEWS she was asleep when she heard a loud noise inside her home, and then her home lost power.

The strike blasted a large hole in the ceiling of Touitoo's living room, left burn marks on the walls and spewed insulation across the floor.

Neighbor Cliff Keifer was awake when the lightning hit.

"It was just a huge explosion. It looked like on my back porch there was a flash," said Keifer. "When it happened, I was thinking I've never seen anything this close."

There are several holes on Touitou's roof and investigators believe the strike may have entered and exited the home in two different locations.

The home's grounding rod, where the lightning should have exited, was stolen before the strike.

Neighbors and Touitoo said the weather was mild before the strike. Neighbor Chris Spears, who is also a meteorologist, said the rain was light at the time.

"It was a rogue lightning strike," Spears said. "Maybe during the course of the evening and the night, there was one or two claps of thunder, one or two soft strikes of lightning, then this just came out of nowhere."

Insurance adjusters have not been to the home yet, but Touitoo estimated the damage would cost thousands of dollars to repair.

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