Life-saving weather app Storm Shield for iPhone, Android now on sale

DENVER - The potentially life-saving weather app Storm Shield is now on sale. From December 28, 2012 to Jan 6, 2013, the $4.99 app will available for $2.99.

The Storm Shield mobile app, powered by Mike Nelson and 24/7 Weather, has been designed to relay severe weather warnings, along with a multitude of other weather information, directly to your iPhone and Android device.

Storm Shield is an excellent complement to the traditional NOAA All-Hazards Alert Radios that you may have in your home. It is designed to alert you when you are on the go. Storm Shield uses geolocating to determine whether you are in an area under a weather warning. The "polygon" system will only notify you when your specific area is in the path of a dangerous storm, instead of an entire county. Unlike the former "county based" warning methods, this aims to reduce false alarms and "over-warning."

You can customize the alerts to notify you of warnings that may be posted for up to five other locations. For instance, if you have relatives in Texas, you can enroll in notifications for their area to stay informed of how the weather may be affecting them, too.

In addition to warnings, Storm Shield also offers several other features including

  • Audible National Weather Service forecast products, listen as you would via a NOAA All-Hazards Alert Radio
  • iMap radar with zoom capabilities
  • Direct access to 24/7 Weather Center Twitter feeds
  • Storm Prediction Center outlook maps

Learn how to use Storm Shield with this tutorial.

The app can be purchased via the iPhone App Store and Android Google Play App Store.for $2.99 until Jan. 4, just search for "Storm Shield."


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