Letter from 1933 found and delivered to descendants of addressee

DENVER - After almost eight decades a letter postmarked 1933 has been delivered.

Vicki Berg said her mother first found the letter and photos in 1960, when she moved into her Westminster home.

“They’ve looked at me for years and I didn’t know where they were supposed to go,” Berg said. “About a year before she died, she said this is important to someone, find them."

Recently, Berg asked a friend for help locating the rightful owner. When they got stuck, they called 7NEWS.

CALL7 producer Marianne McKiernan went to work, searching for any information about the people the letter was addressed to: W.J. Chafee at the Purina company and his wife Margaret Ann.

"Once you get a name, you might get a sibling's name, a spouse's name, a child's name, and the more names you get, the easier it is to keep drilling for information,” McKiernan said.

Eventually, the digging led to a very happy meeting between Berg and the Chafees' descendants. They couldn’t wait to read the long-lost letter from a family friend whose words painted a vivid picture of 1930’s Puerto Rico.

“I just am tickled that you sent this because you took the time. Most people just say, look, it's one more thing on my to-do list,” said Carolyn Chafee Howard.

Although they are now reunited with a piece of family history, they still have questions.

Nobody knows how the heirlooms ended up in the Westminster home or where the family of the woman who wrote the letter is now.

It’s a passing of the torch.

The Chafee descendants are now asking: “Marianne, where are you?”

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