LeAnn 'Annie' Meyer murder: Plea deal expected in case against Melissa Miller

Prosecutors are expected to present a plea deal in the case against Melissa Miller, who is accused of killing Wheat Ridge resident LeAnn "Annie" Meyer.

Miller was living in the basement of Meyer's home when the woman disappeared in February. Meyer's remains were found July 4 in a rural area of Park County, near Bailey.

Miller, 54, faces several felony charges -- first-degree murder after deliberation, theft and two counts of tampering with evidence, according to court records. Sources tell 7NEWS the murder charge will not be dropped as a result of the deal, but may be reduced to second-degree murder.

That version of the charge carries a penalty of four to 48 years in prison.

The plea deal will be presented to the judge next Wednesday, Nov. 27. The judge will likely decide whether to accept the plea bargain and could set a date for sentencing.

"We just heard there is a plea agreement in the works," said Patrick Meyer, Annie Meyer's younger brother. "I think the family is satisfied with it."

Patrick Meyer said at least ten family members plan to be at the hearing next Wednesday.

"We started this as a family.  We're strong. We stick together," he said. "And this is what we've been waiting for to end this."

Melissa Miller's mother, Mary Trounce, had not yet heard about the potential plea agreement, but said she was relieved that the death penalty would be off the table.

"I still don't think she did it," said Trounce. "But at least I could go see her.  It's a relief off my heart -- a big relief."

Trounce said she has been intimidated and harassed since Meyer disappeared, and she just wants it to be over.

"Someone put the [missing person] fliers all over my front yard," she said. "And they vandalized my license plate. I had nothing to do with this. I never even met Annie."

7NEWS reached out to several of Annie's friends and family Wednesday.

"If what we have been told is correct, this will all be official one week from today. This is a relief for all of us. We know that Melissa will serve time and therefore will not be able to do something like this again and put another group of family and friends through what we have experienced in last several month," said longtime friend Jackie Sorce.

Sorce said Annie's mother and at least three of her siblings plan to be at the court appearance next week.

Another friend Luann Joecken lives out of state now but said she too hopes to be at the appearance, if for no other reason but closure and support.

"I want to hear the 'guilty' and, like I said, I'm hoping that she [Miller] has to say what happened," Joecken said.

The charges also allege that Miller stole between $1,000 and $20,000 from Meyer.

Miller is accused of tampering with Meyer’s vehicles, cell phone and iPad in an attempt to destroy evidence, the Fairplay Flume reported.

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