Lawmakers vote against letting voters decide on Colorado's logo, brand

Voters will not get to weigh in on Colorado's new state logo.

A Colorado state House committee has rejected a proposal to allow voters to decide whether to keep Colorado's new state logo. The measure was proposed by Republican Bob Rankin, but was defeated 6-5 by the Democrat-controlled committee.

The logo with a snow-capped green mountain and the letters CO has provoked strong feelings from opponents. Some feel it looks like carbon monoxide logo.

"It looks like a hazmat sign as well as a little kid drew it," said Kristi Brunette on Facebook.

"I don't like it!! We have such a beautiful state.....I think they could come up with something better than this!!," Brenda O'Brien wrote on Facebook.

Colorado officials unveiled the logo last year for royalty-free use by businesses that want a Colorado logo on their products and in marketing, but the logo has gotten mixed reviews.


House Bill 1071:

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