Colorado lawmakers to hear marijuana proposals

One bill limits amount consumers can purchase

DENVER - Colorado lawmakers will consider three marijuana related proposals in the final days of the 2014 legislative session.

The first, limits the amount of hemp concentrate or hemp oil someone can buy from a full ounce to as little as an eighth of an ounce.

"An ounce of the flower (plant) marijuana that you smoke is probably equivalent to maybe a case of beer. An ounce of the concentrate is probably closer to a keg if not more," said author of the bill Rep. Jonathan Singer, (D) Longmont.

Another bill would add Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to the list of eight things medical marijuana can be prescribed for, like HIV, cancer and chronic pain.

"Now that marijuana's legal, do you want a patient with PTSD to be consulting a part-time cashier or bud tender about the best treatment?" said Singer. "Or should they be going to a psychiatrist or doctor to make that decision?"

"Anybody who goes to war, comes back with a certain amount of post traumatic stress," said Vietnam war veteran Tim Drago. "It goes with the territory."

Drago says it need not become a disorder if it's recognized and treated, which in some cases could include medical marijuana.

"It certainly could be an element in the treatment of post traumatic stress," he said.

The final bill would require better labeling for edibles.

"So people know the difference between what a marijuana cookie looks like and what a Duncan Hines cookie looks like," said Singer.

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