Lakewood High School wins Katy Perry concert in Good Morning America Roar lip dub contest

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - Lakewood High School won the Good Morning America contest to have singer Katy Perry perform at the school.

"For me, Lakewood really embodied a whole school spirit," Perry said during the announcement Friday. "I think they brought everyone together and you saw so many different people coming together to do one shot."

To enter the contest, more than 2,000 students from 80 different school clubs filmed a lip dub to Perry's hit single "Roar."  A lip dub combines lip syncing and audio dubbing.

Lakewood High School shot a video showing hundreds of students around the school.

"It was so incredibly crafted," Perry said. "The clubs, the cliques, they all came together and did their own individual thing, but it was so interesting and well done and well organized."

Perry was impressed that so many kids at Lakewood High came together "to roar."

"That is what this competition embodies," Perry said.

After seeing the video last month, Perry Tweeted, "Oh my GAWD. Now this is what I call school SPIRIT:  I hear you roaring LAKEWOOD HIGH!"

The concert by the chart-topping artist will be held at the school on Oct. 25 and will be broadcast on ABC's "Good Morning America."

Judges chose the winning entry based on creativity, on-air appeal, "wow" factor, originality and feasibility of a live performance at the entrant's qualified school.

Learn more about Lakewood High School's video here:

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