Kyle Griffin gets jail time for CSU party-turned-riot in April 2013

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - A Wellington man is serving a four-day jail term after a judge ordered he spend the weekend behind bars for his involvement in the 2013 party-turned-riot near Colorado State University.

Judge Mary Joan Berenato also ordered Kyle Griffin to serve 18 months on probation and get alcohol treatment for an underage driving while ability impaired citation he got while out on bond.

The April 27, 2013 parties in the Summerhill neighborhood, a few blocks from the CSU campus, were promoted on the CSU Confessions Facebook page. One post read in part, "the rules are: byob, be respectful, rage, have fun, be safe, and pee where nobody can see… Going to be legendary."  CSU Confessions later disavowed any role in the events.

Police said the parties were shut down after residents complained about a rowdy crowd estimated at 300 people clogging the street and blaring music.

"Police dispersed the partygoers who cooperated until the music was shut off. The crowd became unruly and aggressive, breaking bottles, climbing on streetlight poles, cars, and trees, and throwing bottles at police," Fort Collins police said.

Fifteen people were charged in the incident.

According to the Fort Collins Coloradoan, another rioter, 24-year-old Kodi Noel, was sentenced in January to serve 6 months in the Larimer County Jail for his leadership in the riot

Noel insisted he is innocent at the sentencing hearing, but a judge said evidence showed he was a leader at the party that turned into a riot where people threw glass bottles, rocks and cans at police.

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