Jury finds husband guilty in 'Psychic Kay' murder trial

$1 million bond revoked

LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. - A jury has found a man guilty in the murder and sexual assault of his common law wife.

The judge immediately revoked John Marks, Jr.'s $1 million bond.

Kathy Adams, who was also known as "Psychic Kay," was reported missing in Oct. 2010.

Adams' body was found in a ravine between Lyons and Estes Park in northern Colorado thirteen days later. Authorities found the remains wrapped in a decorative blanket, secured with silver tape.

The coroner identified the remains as those of Kathy Adams and said she died of blunt force trauma and manual strangulation.

Marks' arrest affidavit states that investigators found broken glass at the back door of her house at 2920 1/2 East Mulberry when they went to check on her welfare on Oct. 10. When they entered the house, they didn't find anyone inside, but they did find an 8-foot by 10-foot section of carpet had been cut out and removed from one of the bedrooms.

The documents also state that investigators smelled a strong odor of bleach and found what appeared to be a blood spatter on a closet door in the same room.

On Sunday, Oct. 24, authorities asked the landlord for permission to reenter the house.

They recovered a window covering with the same type of design that was on the blanket used to wrap the body. They also found duct tape and gloves matching the gloves found in the trunk of the Buick. Authorities also recovered a Walmart bag.

On Oct. 25, a criminalist with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation contacted Sheriff's investigators and told them they found a wrapper for duct tape in the bag and another Walmart receipt. The receipt was for tape, gloves, motor oil and knife blades.

The investigators went to the Walmart and obtained surveillance video showing an adult male matching the description of Marks making the purchase They observed him arriving and leaving in a light-colored Buick.

The gloves he was observed purchasing matched the gloves found in the execution of the search warrant of the vehicle. The tape he purchased matched the general type of tape found securing Adams' body.

A jury found Marks guilty of second degree murder and sexual assault. He is scheduled to be sentenced in December.

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