Jury duty phone scammer still threatening people with jail if they don't pay up in Jefferson County

Scammer instructs victims to buy debit cards

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - A brazen phone scam artist posing as a Jefferson County sheriff's major continues to threaten people -- even a real deputy -- if they don't pay up for missing jury duty.

We first told you about the Jefferson County jury duty scammer last month.

He's accusing Jefferson County residents of skipping jury duty and threatening jail time unless they pay up.

Now we're learning he even threatened a real sheriff's deputy.

One victim was so convinced he needed to pay up for missing jury duty, he started driving to the store to buy the debit cards the scammer demanded. The scammer was posing as "Major Tom Wilson" of the sheriff's office.

But while the worried victim was on the way to buy the debit cards, a real Jefferson County deputy pulled over the victim for an unrelated traffic offense. And when the real deputy got on the phone with the fake "major," the suspect was so outrageous he threatened to arrest the real deputy for interfering and contempt of court.

It's called the jury duty phone scam. The scammer, pretending to be a major in the sheriff's office, convinces victims they missed jury duty and tells them to go buy Green Dot Moneypak reloadable debit cards at stores like Walgreens.

The scammer instructs victims to scratch off the numbers on the back of the card and read them to him, giving him immediate access to the cash. The cards supposedly cover the fines for failing to appear.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department issued a news release stating it will never call citizens asking for payment of any kind.

If you live in unincorporated Jefferson County  and have received a similar phone-scam call and have yet to report it, you are encouraged to call the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office at 303-271-0211. If you have other information about these crimes, you are asked to call the Sheriff’s Office tip line at 303-271-5612. 

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