Judge rules some CU documents about accused theater shooter James Holmes can be released

AURORA, Colo. - A judge decided to modify his gag order Friday, allowing the University of Colorado to release some documents related to accused Aurora theater shooter James Holmes.

The decision paves the way for the potential release of several documents, but not any that are protected by privacy laws.

For example, 7NEWS has specifically requested the national grant Holmes was awarded while at CU, expense account records, his internet browsing history and his CU email records.

"The court has restricted the release of information for almost four months now, giving everyone involved adequate opportunity to prepare for the proper and authorized disclosure to the public," Judge William Sylvester wrote in his order.

State open records laws allow the university three business days to respond to records requests. CU believes those three days start with Friday's ruling. A spokeswoman told 7NEWS that she anticipates the university to request an extension, allowed under the open records act, that could push the release of any documents to the first week of December.

"[CU] will analyze each of the requests to determine whether [the open records request] requests records that state or federal law does not permit the university to release. Second, after ensuring that it is allowed to release a particular document, the university will produce documents to those who have requested them," CU said in a written statement.


Defense Attorneys Denied Access To Holmes In Jail

Defense attorneys for Holmes also asked the judge to sanction the Arapahoe County undersheriff and a lieutenant for preventing them from seeing Holmes on Thursday.

According to a motion filed with the court, Holmes' attorneys said they contacted the Arapahoe County jail on Thursday morning to find out the condition of Holmes, but the jail would not disclose any details.

7NEWS was the first to report on Wednesday that Holmes tried to harm himself multiple times in jail. Sources confirm with 7NEWS that Holmes hit his head into the jail cell wall and floor. He was taken to the hospital, but he is now back in the jail.

Holmes' attorneys told the judge they were told to come back later Thursday afternoon, but again denied access to Holmes.

The judge ordered that the jail allow his attorneys to visit with him at least once per day.

Holmes' next court appearance is on Dec. 10.

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