Judge dismisses former MillerCoors employee's claim over company marijuana policy

DENVER - A federal judge in Denver has dismissed the claim of a former MillerCoors' employee and medical marijuana patient who was fired after testing positive for the drug.

Paul Curry had accused MillerCoors of violating Colorado's employment discrimination statutes. The Chicago-based brewer fired Curry, who has hepatitis C, and osteoarthritis, for violating the company's drug-free workplace policy.

"Enforcing its policy is a lawful basis for MillerCoors' decision to discharge Mr. Curry," Senior U.S. District Judge John Kane said in his order, issued Wednesday.

"Despite concern for Mr. Curry's medical condition, anti-discrimination law does not extend so far as to shield a disabled employee from the implementation of his employer's standard policies against employee misconduct," according to the order.

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