Jewish groups oppose Nablus as Boulder sister city

BOULDER, Colo. - Some Jewish organizations and residents are calling on Boulder to reject a proposal to make the West Bank town of Nablus the city's eighth sister city.

Opponents say Nablus would be an inappropriate sister-city partner because of the human rights situation in the Palestinian Authority, including honor killings of women and lack of respect for press freedom.

The city currently has non-binding relations with Dushanbe, Tajikistan; Jalapa, Nicaragua; Kisumu, Kenya; Lhasa, Tibet; Mante, Mexico; Yamagata, Japan; and Yateras, Cuba.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, Anti-Defamation League Regional Director Scott Levin says a group promoting the sister-city relationship has political motivations, and the city should not take sides in a complex, ongoing international dispute.

The city council is expected to hear a presentation on the requests later this year.

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