Jefferson County school board member Laura Boggs censured over radio discussion

Conservative radio host referenced shooting Supt.

The Jefferson County school board censured one of its members on Thursday night.

Board member Laura Boggs was censured for agreeing with a Conservative Grassroots Radio co-host Jason Worley, when he suggested the superintendent should be shot.

"If you have a Facebook person, still in Jefferson County, your superintendent should be shot," said Worley.

"Yes," said Boggs.

"…I'm sorry," said Worley.

"Yup," said Boggs.

At the board meeting Thursday night, the other four board members all agreed to censure Boggs. It's the second time she has been censured. It's the strictest action the board can take against another member, though it was classified to 7NEWS as a "slap on the wrist."

Boggs called the radio exchange, "terribly inappropriate." She apologized to Stevenson at Thursday night's meeting.

"The core of that was if we had a full time Facebook person, which we all know is -- we don't; we have to put both of those pieces together. It had absolutely no disrespect intended. It was taken incredibly wrong and for that I apologize," Boggs told 7NEWS after the meeting.

7NEWS asked if she could continue to be a good school board member and be taken seriously from the rest of the board.

"You are going to have to ask them that. I don't know how seriously they will take me. Here's what I do know, I represent a part of the community and their voice deserves to be heard," said Boggs.

"We take this very seriously. This censure for this board of education sends a strong message to the community that Miss Boggs' reaction to the radio host was reprehensible. It was thoughtless," said board president Leslie Dahlkemper. "As an elected official in Jefferson County and as a board of education that serves as a role model for students, we have much higher expectations of our board members and that was the message that we sent tonight."

Boggs received support during an hour-long public comment session. Supports suggested the attention to the comments was strictly based on Boggs' political views. Those against Boggs called for her resignation.

Stevenson got emotional during the meeting while talking about student safety. She said it was inappropriate to joke about a shooting, especially in a school district that has experienced multiple shootings.

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