Jeffco Public Health launches text messaging service to answer teen questons about sexual health

Questions to be answered by clinic nurses

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - Teenagers and young adults in Jefferson County who have questions about sexual or reproductive health, can now get answers anonymously from TISH.

TISH, which stands for Text Information Sexual Health, is Jefferson County Public Health’s new sexual health text line.

According to a news release, the service invites sexually active young adults to seek answers to any questions they may have about reproductive health by asking confidential questions via text message to the text line.

All questions will be answered by public health nurses in the JCPH Family Planning clinics.

“We’re very excited about the opportunity to provide an additional service for teens and young adults,” said Kelly Conroy, Jefferson County Public Health Nursing Supervisor. “This will help us to better connect with young people and help fill a need for accurate, reliable information about sexual health from real nurses.”

The health department’s website touts the service by stating that JCPH “is here to answer all of your questions about sex and everything that goes along with it.  If you have questions about pregnancy, sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing or anything else regarding your sexual health, send us a text. One of our Public Health Nurses will get back to you.”

The website says, “It’s confidential and you know you’ll be getting information you can trust.”

It also provides a link to a YouTube video that shows how to use “Go Ask TISH.”

Health officials say they have offered abstinence education and reproductive health services to sexually active youth since 1971.

They say the text line takes the education a step further by allowing teens to reach out to nurses with their personal and confidential questions in a format they are comfortable with and accustomed to.

To use the service, simply text the question to 720-446-TISH (8474).

After getting a response from “TISH,” the texter can then ask a question.  Answers will be provided no later than the next business day.

TISH is only a text messaging service, not a phone number you can call.

Health officials tell 7NEWS that if the situation requires a complex or detailed answer, they’ll encourage the texter to make an appointment in the clinic to talk with a clinician.

If you need an appointment, call 303-232-6301. Or, if it’s an emergency, call 911.

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