'It was the right thing to do' says girl who shaved head in support of friend with cancer

Girl was briefly banned from school

AURORA, Colo. - Outside Children's Hospital in Aurora, a girl suffering stage IV cancer said she thought it was "ridiculous" for a school to briefly ban a friend who supported her by shaving her head.

 "I was really happy that there was somebody there for me so I wasn't alone. Because people would laugh and stare at me sometimes and now there is somebody there for me to help me through it," said Delaney Clements, who was at the hospital for a blood test prior to her next round of chemotherapy.

Clements is battling stage IV neuroblastoma, a cancer that attacks nerve tissue. Her treatments made her hair fall out and friend Kamryn Renfro shaved her head to show support.

"I did it because she is my best friend and I didn't want her to be the only one laughed at," Renfro said, sitting beside her friend outside the hospital.

But the charter school Renfro attends, Caprock Academy, originally said the haircut was in violation of school dress code. The school asked the girl to stay home until her hair grew back, until the Board of Directors reversed that decision on Tuesday following a flood of nationwide feedback.

"I think it is ridiculous that that happened," Clements said. "I'm just so happy that there is somebody there for me."

"It was the right thing to do for her and it just made me feel good," Renfro said.

Watch more of the interview with Clements and Renfro in the video above.

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