Investigators: Dylan Redwine last seen night before he was reported missing

DURANGO, Colo. - Authorities say 13-year-old Dylan Redwine, missing in southwestern Colorado for almost a month,  was last seen publicly the night before he was reported missing.

La Plata County sheriff's spokesman Dan Bender said a Nov. 18 video from Durango-La Plata County Airport cameras shows Dylan  arriving on a flight from Colorado Springs. Another surveillance video shows Dylan at a Walmart in Durango later the same day.

Typically, police use surveillance video to determine the interaction between the missing child and anyone else that comes in contact with them.  In this case, investigators would look to determine how Dylan interacted with his father and see if anyone else approaches the boy. They might also contact customers who were in the store at the time to determine if they saw or overheard anything suspicious.

Dylan was seen in both videos wearing a black T-shirt and a "Duke Blue Devils" baseball cap.

Mark Redwine reported the couple's son, Dylan, missing Nov. 19 from his house in the Vallecito area. The father said he left the boy at home while he ran errands in Durango.

Earlier this week, searchers looked again at Vallecito Reservoir.

"We have no new tips that have sent us back to the lake, but we’re checking in case changes in water and lake conditions could have resulted in any changes from last week," Sgt. Dan Bender, spokesman for the Dylan Redwine Task Force, said on Tuesday.

Bender said nothing new was found at the lake.

Saturday Search


A search for clues will take place Saturday. The search will be along several miles of ditches on both sides of La Plata County Road 240, also known as Florida Road.

The search is not prompted by any new leads in the case, according to the La Plata County Sheriff's Office.  It is a common route between Durango and Vallecito where Dylan was last seen.  Investigators want to cover that area ahead of a possible snow fall that may pass through the area Saturday night or Sunday.

Volunteer citizen searchers who have taken part in earlier searches for Dylan are planning to take part in Saturday’s search with coordination from La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, La Plata County Search & Rescue, with assistance from Durango Police Department.

Bender said there are some restrictions and considerations for people who may wish to participate in the search. 

"Since this is a search for clues related to possible criminal activity, children and young people should not participate in Saturday’s search efforts," Bender said.  "Searchers need to be prepared to walk 2 to 4 miles over rough terrain, on steep slopes.  They also need to be dressed for weather conditions and carry their own food and water with them."

People taking part in the search should meet at 8:30 the Edgemont Ranch picnic area. The location is on the south side of the 5300 block of County Road 240, just east of Edgemont Ranch and just west of the intersection with County Road 240 and County Road 234.

The search will last until about 4 p.m., weather permitting, unless completed sooner.  The search   area will be divided into 2 mile sections with La Plata County Search & Rescue personnel assisting each group.

Dylan lives with his mother in Monument but was visiting his dad for Thanksgiving as part of court-ordered visitation.  The parents divorced in 2007.

Authorities said they do not believe Dylan ran away and they are conducting a criminal investigation into his disappearance. 

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