Evergreen toddler airlifted to hospital after being attacked by family dog

EVERGREEN, Colo. - An Evergreen toddler remains hospitalized in serious condition after being attacked by the family’s pet dog.

The boy’s mother called 911 around Noon on Tuesday and told the operator that the dog, an American Bulldog, bit the baby in the head causing traumatic injury.  She said the baby was barely breathing.

The baby was airlifted from its home on South Pine Road to Children’s Hospital.

“I’m shocked,” said neighbor Randall Paul.  “It’s kind of hard to believe.”

Paul said the baby’s family moved into the neighborhood about a year ago, and that they always kept their dog on a short leash out in public.

“They said he was fine with people, just not other dogs,” said another neighbor, Paul Folsom.

Folsom said he’d seen the dog show aggressive behavior.

“They tried walking him right there,” Folsom said, pointing to a bend in the road. “He was pretty aggressive.  They had to have a choke chain on him and a tension leash.”

He said the family ended up walking the dog back down the street and put him back in the house.

Folsom became emotional while taking about the attack.

“It’s disturbing and upsetting,” he said, “because the baby can’t protect itself.”

Folsom told 7NEWS that he’d held the infant in his own hands during a previous visit with the family.

He said he’s concerned about the baby and its parents.

“I have a granddaughter,” he said. “She was born two days ago.  I have bronchitis so I haven’t been able to see her.  Tonight is the first night that I get to see her, so this really hits home.”

A 7NEWS crew was on scene as Animal Control officers used two catch poles to remove the 70-pound dog from the family’s home.

A photo of the dog was released by the Sheriff's Office.

The dog was taken to Foothills Animal Shelter where it will remain in quarantine for 10 days so Animal Control officers can monitor its behavior and check it for rabies.

The Sheriff's Office said it is investigating.

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