In lieu of a statewide ban, fireworks rules vary by county

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - Without a statewide fire ban like the one in place last year, fireworks stands are setting up shop in the counties where their wares are legal.

"It's all about safety. We sell fireworks for a family to have fun and be safe about it," said Drew Lussier, who manages the fireworks stand at 20th Avenue and Youngsfield Road in Jefferson County.

Last year, Lussier said, the statewide fireworks ban ended his business.

"They showed up and took our permits, and then I packed up and I went to Utah. And Utah, pretty much you can sell anything in Utah," Lussier said.

"The issue is last year, the entire state was just a tinder box," said Governor John Hickenlooper Monday.

This year, however, conditions vary from county to county.

Fireworks rules also vary by jurisdiction.

The City and County of Denver, for example, bans the sale and use of fireworks. Boulder and Douglas counties have partial bans.

Jefferson, Arapahoe, Adams and Larimer Counties have no bans currently in place, but Larimer County Commissioners are scheduled to vote on a possible ban Tuesday morning.

"We decided this year, at least for the present, we'll see what happens if we go another two weeks without any rain. But at the present, we're going to work with the counties and encourage them to make those decisions," Hickenlooper said.

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