Icon Lasik in Cherry Creek offers a reward for the identity of a thief they caught on camera

DENVER - The Icon Lasik location in Cherry Creek is offering a reward for anyone who can help identify a man who stole "a rather large sum" of sunglasses.

"We have more than 10 security cameras in the store so this guy must be looking for a way to get his picture online," Icon Lasik said in a posting on their website.

They're offering a $500 reward for anyone who helps Denver Police to catch the suspect.

The company shared two pieces of surveillance video. The first shows the suspect in a white t-shirt and red shorts pacing around the store. The second is a fish-eye camera that watches as the suspect talks with an employee at a showcase near the front before he snatches the glasses and runs out the front door.

Employee Sarah Osier said the man was inside the store a total of one minute.

"He said that he was looking for sunglasses, and he asked what brands that we carry," Osier said. "He got excited when he saw the Gucci case."

The store manager told 7NEWS the suspect stole $1,500 in Gucci sunglasses. Possibly the oddest part of this story is what the suspect said to Osier as he ran out.

"Before he ran out he said 'sorry ma'am,'" Osier said.

The company posted a form through which people can provide information about the crime: http://iconlasik.com/theft-icon-lasik-cherry-creek.html

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