Ice dumped onto sidewalks from snow plows must still be shoveled by adjacent homeowners

Aurora city workers help when ice is too much

AURORA, Colo. - Most city regulations call for homeowners to shovel sidewalks adjacent to their home. Days after the Denver metro area's latest storm, 7NEWS found many sidewalks impassable, though not just because they haven't been shoveled, but because they're covered in feet of ice thrown from snow plows.

"There are cases where the ice builds up so much from plowing operations that is just really isn't really reasonable to expect a typical homeowner to have to deal with that," said Aurora Public Works Operations Manager Chris Carnahan. "(Public Works employees will) go out and take a grader or a plow or a snow blower and they'll get that big accumulation of snow and ice off of there."

On the Aurora city website, the policy states:

"Snow must be removed from public sidewalks within 24 hours of a snow fall. When a snow emergency is declared, this deadline is extended to 48 hours. In those special locations where the city snowplows have added to the natural accumulation on sidewalks, the deadlines are extended an additional 24 hours."

"If the plows have moved a foot of snow and it's piled up on that sidewalk and getting icy, those are the kind of situations where we feel we really need to go in and help with those," said Carnahan.

According to Carnahan, code enforcement officers will look for some effort at an attempt to shovel before issuing any citations.

According to the Denver Snow Plan website, this is the snow removal policy:

"Once snow has stopped falling, business have four (4) hours, and residents have twenty-four (24) hours, to remove snow and ice from public sidewalks adjacent to their property."

In Denver, the city warns twice before issuing any citations. The city does not help with icy sidewalks, but will work with the resident before writing a citation.

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