Hotels' petition against proposed Gaylord complex rejected

DENVER - Colorado's attorney general has rejected a petition from several area hotels seeking to overturn state incentives awarded to the Gaylord hotel in Aurora on grounds the request was "untimely" and "improper."

In a letter to the attorneys representing the hotels, Jim Lyons and Trey Rogers, the state's first assistant attorney general, Leeann Morrill, said the Regional Tourism Act was mute on whether the Colorado Economic Development Commission's approval of tourism projects for incentives was subject to judicial review.

But the petitioners had 28 days under one provision of state statute and 35 days under another to ask for a judicial review of the award.

"As you know, the petitioners did not avail themselves of either mechanism for judicial review, and did not file a petition for reconsideration of the May 18, 2012 approval... before the expiration of either statute of limitations," Morrill wrote in rejecting the request.

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